601 Grenfall Road
Palm Springs CA 92264
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Rated 5 Palms & Editors Choice 9 Years

"INNdulge corners the market on comfortable and casual. One section of the structure has the requisite pool and hot tub, and features rooms that are spacious and pampered without being stuffy, with nicely preserved '50's style kitchenettes (PS loves its retro history!) There is a poolside social hour (which most inns offer) and INNdulge probably boasts the most spectacular mountain-range view. Practically every Palm Springs Locale is outfitted with misters to combat the desert heat, but INNdulge has the only pool chiller which, when the heat soars to skin-melting temperatures, is quite a draw."


"INNduge's owners have transformed this historic inn into the award winning resort it is today. These awards include Best Clothing Optional Resort by Out Traveler in 1996. They want to make sure your stay is as genuinely "Palm Springs" as it can be. They offer a "Citrus 101," a handy guide that will help you enjoy a nice grapefruit and not mistakenly bite into a Meyer lemon. They really have thought of everything."


"INNdulge is one of the most established guesthouses. Located in the Warm Sands neighborhood (an area flush with clothing-optional gay accommodations), this elegant 24-room facility offers several sizes of rooms, most of which look out on the spacious pool."

-DALLAS VOICE June, 2009

"My favorite gay resort, and the place of my first traveler's epiphany, is INNdulge Palm Springs. With the perfect balance of comfortable rooms and a sizable pool/hot tub/social areas, a special social hour to get you acquainted with your fellow guests, and a wonderful mix of guys of all types, INNdulge manages the perfect balance between flirty Gay fun and down-to-earth people. On top of that, the owners strive to develop a personal relationship with all of their guests. From breakfast time until well after 3AM each night, there is always something going on at this resort and you can't help but get caught up in it. At any time of the day there is a whole crowd of friendly guys to mingle with, and you are sure to develop both instant crushes and lasting friendships."


"Visiting Palm Springs in summer means one thing - HOT WATER in the swimming pool. Some pools go up to 95 or 100 degrees in the summer. But not at INNdulge Palm Springs. The Owners have installed a new SwimCool Chiller that will keep the pool cool all summer long. 'The SwimCool System keeps the pool at 86 degrees,' states one of the owners. 'There's nothing better than a dip in a cool pool on a hot 110 degree summer day!"


"INNdulge Palm Springs is a wonderful example of Palm Springs 50's architecture. The resort is centered around a kidney-shaped pool. The beautifully landscaped grounds frame the surrounding hotel rooms. The only thing better than the architecture and grounds of the property are the resort's employees and its owners, who maintain a friendly atmosphere resulting in a loyal repeat crowd. You can appreciate the architecture and the mountain views during the hotel's free social hour that extends for two hours. It is a great way to meet the hotel's wonderful owners, as well as your fellow guests.


"INNdulge, built in 1958, revels in classic cool modernity. They offer 24 rooms and 24-hour poolside fun, with a kidney shaped pool and 12-man keyhole Jacuzzi styled for optimum comfort. The whole resort gets sunshine the whole day long. It's clothing optional here, so most men are naked, but your seating options by the pool are complemented by others in a more secluded area. The beautiful accommodations include two-bedroom apartments with kitchen and private patio. Breakfast is relaxed, and juice and snacks are provided throughout the day. There's a small gym and two internet stations, plus wi-fi. The owners host frequent socials for guests to meet and mingle. This professionally and efficiently run resort has a staff that aims to make your stay as good as you can hope for!"

-THE GUIDE December, 2008

"The owners are like proud parents, and we keep going back," says Mark Holt, a frequent guest. "It's like an interesting mix of people from all over the world." Besides complimentary continental breakfast by the enclosed courtyard pool, the 24-room, clothing optional resort offers a 12-person whirlpool spa, an onsite workout room and wireless Internet through-out the property.

"It's a completely different experience than staying at the Hilton, where you are incognito," states one of the owners. "You Don't come to our hotel to be anonymous. You have fun, meet people, and have a good time."

-IN LOS ANGELES June, 2008

"The name says it all. This is definitely a place where you can relax and indulge in the many pleasures offered by the resort and the city of Palm Springs. This resort is clothing optional with a crystal clear swimming pool and large Jacuzzi that overlook the spectacular San Jacinto Mountains. The resort was awarded the five palms rating by Planet Out, their highest rating for gay accommodations. Close to all the bars, restaurants and shopping in Palm Springs, this resort is the perfect venue for your next vacation."


"It gets roasting hot in Palm Springs, so luckily at INNdulge, the clothing is "forever" optional. Twenty-four sharply decorated rooms surround a large heated pool amid gorgeous palm-fringed landscaping and a 12-person Jacuzzi that's open 24 hours - you do the math! Of all the clothing-optional resorts in the west's gay mecca, this comes off as the best."

-PLANET OUT January, 2008

"The biggest concentration of gay resorts is in the Warm Sands neighborhood along Warm Sands Drive, just a mile from the gay bars and shops along Arenas Road in the heart of downtown. Warm Sands now includes 10 gay resorts. INNdulge Palm Springs is a Warm Sands gem. The resort's 24 rooms are set around its kidney-shaped pool. The pool is heated extra warm, making a swim on the coldest desert nights very comfortable. Amenities include a gym, a couple of free internet stations, and a free evening social hours."

-FRONTIERS November, 2007

"As visitors to Palm Springs know, the resorts are well-known for rest, relaxation, and pampering. When INNdulge opened in 1995, the owners wanted the name to reflect its ambiance. "We literally looked through the dictionary at every word that started with in or en," says one of them. "We came up with the name INNdulge because the dictionaries defined indulge as to 'pamper or pleasure oneself.' We wanted to pamper people and wanted them to have a pleasurable experience."

From its opening, when Palm Springs was just coming out of a long recession, to today, INNdulge has established a reputation for excellence at the 24-room inn that hasn't gone unnoticed, garnering critics' picks and awards. With the Editor's Choice Award from Out and About, the Best Clothing Optional Resort award from Out Traveler, and being listed in World's Foremost Gay and Lesbian Hotels, one can have the same assurance at INNdulge."

-IN LOS ANGELES June, 2006

"At Inndulge it's clothing optional, of course, and the pool, spa, and expansive grounds get sun throughout the day. Rooms are beautiful, and range up to two bedroom apartments with kitchen and private patio. Breakfast is relaxed, and juice and snacks are provided throughout the day. There's a small gym, and two internet stations. Like many of the Palm Springs resorts, INNdulge is wireless."

-THE GUIDE January, 2006

"2005 READERS CHOICE AWARDS - You spoke, we listened! Hundreds voted for your all time favorite hotels, cities, bars, cruises, air ports ...


One of the scores of gay clothing-optional resorts in Palm Springs, Inndulge is one of the classiest, with huge pool, 24 rooms with modern furnishings, a 12-man Jacuzzi, and awesomely friendly owners. Call 800-833-5675

-OUT TRAVELER November - December, 2005

"Inndulge is well named, because that's exactly what you do there - indulge your fantasies, indulge your fancy, indulge your spirit. The hotel features a large courtyard with pool and Jacuzzi, both seasonally heated and open 24 hours, so guests can enjoy a midnight swim even in the cooler weather. "Clothing is forever optional" around the pool."


"One of the best-run guesthouses in town, INNdulge has earned its 5-Palm rating from OUT&ABOUT. This is a solid, consistent top choice among men who like a friendly ambience but prefer tasteful and contemporary rooms. The two hard-working and friendly owners, have poured their hearts - not to mention loads of money recently - into renovations and improvements so that all units are consistently well furnished and well-equipped. Other pluses include a great gym, spectacular view and very attractive pool/yard landscaping with a 12-person Jacuzzi."

-OUT & ABOUT / PLANET OUT March, 2005

"The legendary INNdulge has been providing pleasure for the gay community for nine years and that's exactly what you do there - indulge your fantasies, indulge your fancy, indulge your spirit. INNdulge believes in the old fashioned concept of service, and the warmth and friendliness of the hosts and staff is the best service a hotel can offer. The hotel features a large courtyard with pool and Jacuzzi, both heated and open 24 hours, so guests can enjoy a midnight swim even in cooler weather. "Clothing is forever optional" around the pool and the courtyard. The rooms have extra large king beds, large TV's and VCR's, Gilchrist and Soames amenities, hair dryers, irons, safes, coffee pots, and refrigerators. A continental breakfast is served each morning. Want to know the newest restaurants, the most popular bars and clubs, and other information that may include the best "mid-century" stores or the best antique shopping? Just ask. The staff is there to make their guests' stay enjoyable"

-GORGEOUS January, 2005

"You hardly need to pack a bag for Palm Springs since the desert town has a wealth of "clothing optional" accommodations. One of the finest, INNdulge Palm Springs has 24 rooms that circle one of the city's best pools, where mature palms frame a killer view of the San Jacinto Mountains. The pool (heated) and 10-man (give or take) Jacuzzi are open 24 hours, and guests enjoy continental breakfast and an evening social hour (both complimentary)."

-GENRE July - August, 2004

"INNdulge is a very popular resort located in the Warm Sands area of Palm Springs. It features 24 beautiful poolside rooms and suites, all with king size beds, and decorated with custom southwestern-style wrought iron and pine furniture. The pool is open 24 hours and there is a 12-man Jacuzzi - a great spot for making new friends.

The rooms are lovely, but guests don't typically spend much time there. The focal point of the place is the pool area. And how about meeting people? Suffice it to say that things can definitely happen if you stay at INNdulge."


"Located in the Warm Sands neighborhood that is home to many of the city's gay hotels, is INNdulge (601 Grenfall Road: (800) 833-5675: inndulge.com) It offers 24 rooms and suites, ranging from standard rooms to one bedroom and two bedroom suites with full kitchens that surround the hotel's beautiful clothing optional kidney-shaped pool and adjacent hot tub that are frequented by guests 24 hours a day. The owners have an eye for detail that is reflected in the exceptional cleanliness of the property. Among the hotel's many amenities is an onsite workout room, an evening social hour, and wireless Internet service."


"At the Relaxed INNdulge (601 Grenfall Road; 800-833-5675) the clothing optional pool and spa get "big sun" throughout the day. Rooms in this large complex are beautiful and range up to two bedroom apartments with kitchen and patio. Breakfast is relaxed, and juice and snacks are served throughout the day, a perfect touch for those with heavy sun-bathing responsibilities. There's a gym here, too. At the end of the afternoon it's not uncommon to find the owners presiding over a cocktail social for the guests."

-THE GUIDE January, 2004

"For the more adventuresome traveler, there are a number of lodgings complete with 'friends and family' with which to play. INNdulge is one such place to stay where even the single traveler will find a friend or three. INNdulge features a 24-hour pool, workout gym and clothing is optional."


"Imagine that I'm breaking a bottle of fine champagne against the front of INNdulge, Palm Springs as I christen the resort The Love Boat of Warm Sands. Why the Love Boat? Well, for one reason, the place is about meeting people. For another, you feel like your entire vacation can take place on the spot. "I'm so relaxed, to the point I don't even feel like going to downtown Palm Springs, explains one guest. "I feel guilty, but I just want to hang out here. You really don't have to leave." 

Guests who check in and out during your stay are like new arrivals from exotic ports. Guys come from all over the place, from the U.S., Canada, Europe, everywhere. "We're about half couples and about half singles," explains one of INNdulge's owners.

The property is typical of the classic mid-century modern style. Rhodri Owens, from the U.K. explains, "We were here last night and suddenly the stars were out. It's very ideal. It has a great, timeless feel to it - sort of the Hollywood dream."

-IN LOS ANGELES April, 2003

"Aside from the 24 comfy and tastefully decorated rooms and 24/7 ten-man spa, INNdulge is a great example of what Palm Springs is all about. The mellow (and flirtatious) owners have made their resort, well, indulgent, with complimentary poolside social hour from five until seven (and a margarita mixer on Sunday afternoons), cool misters for hot days, and king beds, fridges, and a bunch of other amenities in the rooms."

-INSTINCT November, 2002

"Midnight at the oasis, but your camel's not ready for bed. Those looking for a little more activity in their lodging options might consider INNdulge (601 Grenfall Road; 800-833-5676; www.inndulge.com). This is a consistent top choice, with tasteful, contemporary rooms, a spectacular view, and very attractive pool/yard landscaping with a 10-person Jacuzzi."

-OUT & ABOUT September, 2002

"At the aptly titled INNdulge, the owners have provided a unique resort where charm meets the laid back sexuality of a sleepy summer day. The rooms have a Providence-like quality, fresh with flowers and raffia-tied towels. At five, guests are invited to join the owners for a meet-and-greet with other guests. As the sun sets over the looming San Jacinto Mountains, you'll experience one of those moments where you cherish the company of men, the panoramic beauty of Palm Springs, and the art of the happy hour."

-GENRE April, 2002

"Also in the Warm Sands area is the INNdulge (601 Grenfall Rd.; 800-833-5675). The splendid, open pool area is drenched in full sun most of the day. After a tasty breakfast, it's off to to the lounge chair for a toasty day of nude sunbathing. INNdulge's co-owners also host a nightly evening social hour."

-IN LOS ANGELES March, 2002

"...The following day, I checked into the enticing INNdulge. One of the owners, John, gave me a quick little tour of the immaculate grounds, which included a huge pool, a Jacuzzi and 22 poolside rooms. INNdulge claims that you'd stay here to "pamper, pleasure, or gratify oneself." I'm beginning to get the sense that it's going to be painful to leave come Sunday."

-INSTINCT March, 2001

"The billet for my stay was INNdulge. The owners run a very tight ship with considerable attention to detail. Unlike some guesthouses that seem to have almost absentee owners one or both of them are in attendance everyday. The 22 rooms surround the lawn, pool, and a wonderful Jacuzzi that is available for use 24 hours a day."


"This is a hot new comer, with tastefully renovated rooms, a spectacular view, and very attractive pool/yard landscaping. the hard working, professional management has spent a lot of money improving this large, well laid-out property, and it shows.
ROOMS: 18,
Nude sunbathing: Yes - Sexual Temperatures: high - Clientele: EG/100%M - MEALS: CB/C


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Come to Gay Palm Springs, California. INNdulge Palm Springs, a resort hotel for gay men
offers clothing optional / nude sunbathing. Pool and Jacuzzi open 24 hours. One of the best gay hotels
and gay resorts in Palm Springs, California.